Be Virally Suppress

Be Virally Suppress

CDC, FHI360 Partners with S1C
Be Virally Suppress
July 26, 2019

Someone Cares Inc. (S1C) has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with FHI360 in promoting viral suppression. As a nonprofit community-based organization, Someone Cares continues to work diligently in real time encouraging and assisting HIV positive clients to remain in care and to be consistently committed to adherence.

Did you know that by continually taking your meds (antiretroviral therapy – ART) as prescribed by your primary care physician reduces viral load – HIV in the body to a low level? Staying undetectable means, you have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to your partner. Knowing this is vital to care and S1C linkage to care and case managers are unwavering in the quest of saving lives and eliminating barriers to providing health services to the populations we serve living with HIV.

S1C Outreach team will be touting and sharing the viral suppression message when they’re are out and about in the community providing services as free HIV testing to engage, educate and empower individuals living with HIV/AIDS to achieve better health outcomes and increasing client resiliency.

To learn more about viral suppression and its benefits log on to or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Call and make an appointment at either the Marietta or downtown Atlanta locations to see one of our professionals to learn more and join the hashtag movement of #TalkUndetectable

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