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In the 1980’s, HIV and AIDS infection rate was well over fifty percent and it proved catastrophic for communities of color. At that time, Bass was working for a prevention organization in Jacksonville, Florida, where he gained a wealth of knowledge around HIV and how to reach high-at-risk populations by meeting them where they are.

Armed with prevention knowledge and the tools to address the escalating HIV infection rate in the country, Bass drove around Jacksonville, Florida, operating from his car, providing HIV education and testing to the LGBTQ community. Specifically, focusing on Transgender and Gay men of color, as they were not being reached, linked to healthcare services, or just spending time listening to their unimaginable stories. As a caring person, he always believed of being his brother’s keeper. Bass began the process to solidify an organization to deal with the disconnect he witnessed, the lack of quality healthcare services and little to no empathy for Transgender and Gay men of color.

In 1996, with a passion to assist the marginalized and underserved populations, Bass’s vision became reality and Someone Cares Inc. was established in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, Someone Cares has two Early Detection Intervention Clinics, the headquarters in Marietta, Georgia and in urban downtown Atlanta, serving the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Since formation, the organization is still on the battlefield bringing about change, providing quality healthcare services, and working towards reducing the number of HIV/AIDS incidents in Transgender and Gay men of color communities.

Someone Cares has become a leading agency in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Syphilis, Hepatitis, and other STI’s in the African American, Latino and Transgender communities. Through social networking and community partners, the organization has extraordinary access to parks, bathhouses, clubs, adult bookstores, private sex parties and other areas where the demographics we serve convene. Through intervention tools, prevention education in teaching safe sex practices, testing and screenings, the agency continually plows forward in the trenches doing the work to assist in a global goal in getting to zero infections.

The organization’s National Trans Health Conference is a powerful resource for professionals nationally, pharmaceuticals and suppliers to assemble to share dialogue and new ways to continually engage Transgender persons. We endeavor to always want our Trans brothers and sisters to know that someone cares whether it’s through linkage to care, housing, or just providing a safe space. “We are not just an agency; we are a friend’.

Message from Ronnie E. Bass

2020 marks a new era for Someone Cares Inc. The agency will be celebrating 24 years of committed service to the populations we serve and in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As we celebrate, the first quarter of 2020 will see our newest addition — Someone Cares Jacksonville, Florida location. The opportunity exists for us to expand our footprint to deliver healthcare, fulfilling our mission to eliminate barriers to healthcare and increase client resiliency.

Since 1996, the agency has evolved from servicing only the LGBTQ community into an inclusive organization providing wholistic health and wellness services to all populations. Qualified professionals provide services that include — Primary Care, Opioid Addiction treatment and counseling, Drugs and Alcohol Substance Abuse treatment and counseling and Mental Health treatment and counseling. Someone Cares, is one of two authorized State of Georgia approved Drug Screening Collection Agencies.

S1C Transgender division is extensive and the largest in the Southeastern United States and we continue to be a leader in advocating through education with the National Trans Health Conference. We facilitate a cadre of interventions including T.W.I.S.T and R.E.A.L./T specifically for the Transgender persons.

In the communities we service, we offer HIV testing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HEP C screenings, PrEP and PEP, Human Sex Trafficking and Prostitution support and linkage to care through our S.I.L.E.N.T. Project.

As a C.A.R.F. accredited agency, we take seriously our mission to serve our clients with empathy, professionalism and to provide quality service.

Please help us, help others and DONATE now, every penny helps in saving lives.

At Someone Cares Inc., “we are not just an agency; we are a friend!’

Who We Are

Someone Cares Inc., www.s1catl.org, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community-based organization with two locations, Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia. For 23 years, we’ve being living the vision in real time to eliminate all barriers to health services for all individuals who experience health disparities related to sexual health in primary care, HIV testing, STD and HEP C screening and treatment, and intensive mental health and substance abuse counseling and treatment.

The organization takes pride in doing the necessary work, going above and beyond to engage, educate and empower individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other health disparities to achieve better health outcomes by eliminating barriers to culturally sensitive services, building a network for underserved groups, and increasing client resiliency.


Someone Cares Inc. primary care constituents are inclusive of all populations and ethnic backgrounds. However, the agency’s grant base responsibilities primarily serve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) and high at-risk heterosexuals. Since participants in services are not required to self-identify LGBTQ, Someone Cares Inc. reaches out and considers as part of its constituency all communities of color in Metro Atlanta community who, by virtue of lifestyle or behavior, are at-risk of being infected or spreading the infection of the HIV virus or STDs. Most of these clients are homeless, substance abusers, sex workers, HIV positive, within the age range of 13-70. For purposes of services, Someone Cares Inc. does not differentiate between men who sleep with men (MSM) who self-identify as men, women, gay, straight or transvestite/transsexual/transgender.

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