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Hormone Treatment Therapy

Pre-requisites for participation in Someone Cares Inc. Hormone Treatment Therapy:

  • Baseline evaluation by Someone Cares Inc. Behavioral Program Specialists is a pre-requisite to receive the Hormone Treatment Therapy.
  • Willingness to maintain comprehensive primary health care and keeping appointments is required to achieve the goals of hormone treatment.

Prescribing hormones is at the discretion of the medical providers and is based on medical history, physical exam, initial lab test results and review of nursing and psycho-social assessments. In addition, patient’s ability to give informed consent is required prior to starting treatment.

Goals of Treatment
• To improve transgender individuals’ access to health care.
• Initiation or continuation of gender-affirming hormone therapy
• Hormone therapy for transgender women (MTF) is to decrease testosterone levels to the normal female range without supra- physiological levels of estradiol by administering an antiandrogen and estrogen, leading to development of female secondary sex characteristics, like breast development, reduction of muscle mass, reduction of body hair, erectile function, changes in libido, and reduced testicular size.

• Hormone therapy for transgender men (FTM) is to increase testosterone levels to the normal male physiological range by administering testosterone, leading to the development of male secondary sex characteristics, and suppression/minimization of female secondary sex characteristics.

• Transgender adolescents usually have stable gender identities and can be given GnRH analogs to suppress puberty until they can proceed with hormone therapy as early as age 18.

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