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Justine Ingram, currently the Transgender coordinator for Fulton County Board of Health. Raised in rural middle Georgia, Justine saw first-hand how Transphobia can leave the Transgender and Gender Non-conforming community voiceless due to stigma, discrimination, and marginalization. A graduate of Clayton State University, Justine was first introduced to the field of Transgender advocacy when she completed an internship with Georgia Equality’s Gender Inclusion officer. Since then, she has done work with various community based organizations around the Atlanta metropolitan area to advance the lives of the Transgender and Gender Non-conforming community. Justine currently sits on the executive board for Trans Housing Atlanta Program and is the co-chair for FLUX- Atlanta. Her mission is to create a safe and affirming environment for all Transgender and Gender Non-conforming individuals through promoting health equity, safe and affordable housing, and Anti-discrimination in the public and private sector.