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Clinic Programs and Services

Trans Outreach Program – REAL / T

R.E.A.L./T. – Reaching Educating Assisting Liberating Transgender is a S1C Trans program that looks at the Trans community with a holistic approach; empowering them for physical health, mental health, housing, job placement, education, and much more. Someone Cares is the largest Transgender servicing organization in Southeastern United States.

HYPE Program

HYPE – Helping Youth with Prevention and Empowerment is a S1C Young MSM outreach program; targeting men between the ages of 13 – 24. In Georgia, Young MSM HIV/STI numbers are escalating at an alarming rate. S1C delivers cutting-edge and unique prevention methods to reach this high at risk population.

REACH Program

REACH – Reaching Educating Assisting in Community Health is a S1C African American MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) outreach program; targeting men between the ages of 25 and up, reaching them where they congregate; night clubs, internet, bathhouses, social networks, sex parties, parks, churches, schools, jails, etc. Through this outreach program we provide HIV/STD testing, education, prevention tools, treatment, and referring.

Behavioral Health Program

The Behavioral Health Evolution Program has been developed with a multidisciplinary team approach. Specifically targeted to engage Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), and Transgender whom have a multiple or dual diagnosed serious mental illness; inclusive of psychological disorders, and substance abuse/dependence in the communities which they reside. Someone Cares received its CARF Accreditation in 2016 in the area of Outpatient Treatment: Integrated: AOD / BH Adults and Children / Adolescents.

* CARF Accredited
* Member of The National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
* DATEP Licensed – Drug Abuse Treatment Education Program
* Georgia Department of Community Health Outpatient Behavioral Health Center
* Substance Abuse Treatment Center
* IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program
* HIV/STI Prevention & Treatment Clinic
* PrEP Clinic

Behavioral Interventions

  • 3MV – Many Men, Many Voices
  • CRCS
  • D-Up! – Defend Yourself!
  • MPowerment
  • Healthy Relationships
  • PCC – Personalize Cognitive
  • Peer Educators
  • Social Networking Strategies
  • Promise

Street Life Program

Through the Street LIFE program, HIV/STD prevention messages and tools are disseminated. Sex Workers are recruited through street outreach or court ordered, to participate in a six week therapy session conducted by our Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Latino MSM /Trans Outreach Program

Latino outreach is targeted to all Latin MSM, through our bilingual staff, which encompasses education and prevention in a formatted language that they can understand.

Human Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Program & Services

Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta Human Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Project is called “The SILENT Project” (Sexual, Interceptions, Locating, Exploitation of Neighborhood, Trafficking). The project is designed to assist individuals out of sex trafficking and prostitution.

The SILENT project provides support services and linkage to care to at risk underserved marginalized populations in the city of Atlanta.

Alternative Sentencing Addressing Prostitution Program (ASAP)

Alternative Sentencing Addressing Prostitution works with the community court and the Atlanta Police Department. By utilizing the Alternative Sentencing program, clients are ensured safe, monitored and pre-approved social service and healthcare. By helping court-referred clients not end up in jail, ASAP provides high cost savings to tax payers. ASAP is proud to provide evidence-based and effective services that benefit clients and the community at large. ASAP also offers Linkage to alcohol and drug educational programs for adults and youth.


  • Reducing the number of sex workers, frees up police for other duties.
  • Cleans up neighborhoods with high numbers of sex workers.
  • Greatly reduces the profits for neighborhood drug dealers.
  • Reduces the spread of infectious deceases
  • Reunites sex workers with their families.
  • Gets sex workers back to being productive citizens.

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