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R.E.A.L./T. Program

Reaching, Educating, Assisting, Liberating Transgender

The R.E.A.L./T. program is the first and only agency, in the state of Georgia, funded to provide HIV prevention education, intervention and counseling & testing to the Transgender community. The R.E.A.L./T. Program is also staffed by transgender individuals whom represent their focused demographic. The R.E.A.L./T. Program has touched the lives of countless Transgender individuals in the Metropolitan Atlanta area and throughout United States. The R.E.A.L. /T. Program has been created to assist and advocate for the Transgender community in gaining respect in a society that has written them off. The program provides a safe space to empower Transgender individuals to seek higher education, job placement, housing, skill building, including emphasis on Transgender physical, mental health and client advocacy.

Transgender CDC Funded Behavioral Intervention 

TWIST Behavioral Intervention is to:

Reduce HIV transmission risk behaviors among transgender women living with HIV by fostering gender affirmation, increasing social support, increasing HIV knowledge, improving self-efficacy for relationship management, and practicing safer sex behaviors and reducing stress.

Collaborate with transgender women who are living with HIV to reduce their practice of behaviors that put them at risk for HIV transmission.

TWIST Graduation 

Someone Cares Transgender Department staff hosted it’s first CDC TWIST Intervention graduation! It is the first TWIST intervention conducted in the country! KEEP SERVING YOUR COMMUNITY LADIES! #GOTEAMS1C

Clinical Healthcare Services

Someone Cares goal is to ensure that all Trans individuals have access to quality health screenings.

Someone Cares has opened an E.D.I.C. clinic. Early Detection Intervention Clinic. The clinic is created to alleviate barriers to early HIV/STD detection in the LGBT communities.  We provide HIV/STD testing, treatment, hormone replacement therapy, substance abuse disorder and behavioral health services. Making it a “One Stop Shop”.  The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10am until 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6pm – 9pm and every second and fourth Saturday of the month. These hours are set up with the MSM and Transgender populations in mind.

Annual National Trans Health Conference

Someone Cares host the National Trans Health Conference each year.  The goals of the conference are to empower the Trans community and educate front line medical staff; including (doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners) as well as, social workers, case managers, and professional staff on Trans Cultural Competence.

Trans Street Outreach

Someone Cares Street Outreach program has conducted HIV/STD prevention education, condom distribution, harm reduction, and referral placement to the major high risk zip codes known for prostitution and human sex trafficking in the City of Atlanta. Someone Cares has worked with the Atlanta Police Department on various projects including prostitution and cultural competency training.


Georgia Department of Public Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Trans Justice Project

Global United Methodist Ministries

Janssen Pharmaceutical Company

ViiV Pharmaceutical Company

Fulton County Board of Health

Atlanta Community AIDS Fund